Shambe National Park was established in 1985 and extends over an area of 620 square kilometres situated on the western bank of the White Nile.


It was established to preserve rhinos, hippopotamus and other mammals including different types of gazelles, foxes and monkeys, as well as lions, giraffes and ostriches.

The most popular Birds watching destination, where thousands of birds can be seen some of which are endemic while others are migratory.

The presence of the birds is favored by the presence of the wetland.

The wetland habitats around the park provide refuge to Elephant and other species

First gazetted way back in the mid-1980s, the Shambe National Park can be seen as the southern extension of the aforementioned Ez Zeraf Reserve.

That makes it home to an important part of the White Nile River ecosystem; a place of curious oxbow lakes and pop-up flood plains.

Animal wise, you’ll get all of the biodiversity of the larger park to the north, along with lions and hippos, wild foxes and swinging primates of different kinds, not to mention elephants by the hundred! Shambe Nature Reserve is also a designated birding area, made popular thanks to countless migratory species that pass this way throughout the year.